Why are you not supposed to cook with a cold pan?

Answer #1

Surely ‘cause the food wouldn’t cook… ?

Answer #2

I know that, but I have heard u r supposed to start with a hot pan and not a cold one and I was wondering why that is

Answer #3

cuz heat iz da think that cooks food.

Answer #4

I know that, I’m tryin to find out y u r to start with a hot pan instead of a cold one

Answer #5

I dont understand your question, you dont have to start off with a hot pan, you can have a cold one because of the stove, or whatever your cooking source is, is the heating source and heats the pan up anyways, i hope this helped a little bit?

Answer #6

I think it’s ‘cause if you start with a cold one it doesn’t actually cook properly. Like it wouldn’t cook through correctly and wouldn’t be as even as starting out with a steaming hot one.

Answer #7

I keep hearin on food network to start with a hot pan when cookin but they never say why, so I was wondering

Answer #8

Ok thx

Answer #9

ohh, yeah that doesnt make sense to me because wouldnt a cold on get hot anyways? sorry for not being much of help!

Answer #10

I think that when you are using oil, is so the oil does not all soak up to the food and you end up with greasy food. Also so you can have even heating when you are not using oil or something. But, I guess you don’t have to, it’s not important at all, I just have heard it before and those are the reasons that some people tell me.

Answer #11

the reason to start out with a hot pan is so the food does not stick to the pan. the ehat creates a small barrier between the pan and the food while it is cooking- if you start out with a cold pan that barrier is not present and the food will stick.

i think that non stick surfaces will work differently, but if you are using cast iron, stainless steel, or copper you need to begin with a hot pan.

Answer #12

Ok ty

Answer #13

This is the correct answer - that’s my professional opinion as a certified Chef.

Answer #14


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