Are you supposed to eat tuna straight out the can?

Are you supposed to eat tuna straight out the can? By that I mean not cooking it?

Answer #1

Sure you can, there are no ill-effects from eating it straight from the can. It’s a very healthy, protein packed, food. Consume the tuna packed in water opposed to oil to save a few fat calories.

Answer #2

It should be okay. People eat raw fish all the time and nothing happens to them. Canned tuna isn’t really raw though. They usually cook the tuna and preserve it in oil, brine or salt water.

Answer #3

Yep - I hate tuna but my parents sometimes eat it and they don’t always mix it with things.

Answer #4

Yep, you can either eat it out of the can, mix it so you have tuna salad or you can cook it to make things like tuna noodle casserole.

Answer #5

It’s perfectly fine to eat it uncooked, as a matter of fact - I prefer it that way.

Answer #6

Yes canned tuna..

Answer #7

mm but I wouldnt advise it

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