How much should I run a day?

I don’t have stamina at all like if I run a 1/2 kilo I literally feel like my chest is going to burn am not fat or anything but I has been a really really long time since I worked out but am planing on starting now but how much should I run a day ? what other exercises can I do ?
btw am 16

Answer #1

I think you take turns runnng a mile. Start off with a 1/2 mile of jogging..then run for a 1/2 mile until you personally feel you can run a complete mile nonstop. Pay attention to your body.

Answer #2

I think you should run a mile oone day and the next day run half a mile. Thats what im going to start doing and im 16 to lol

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Answer #4

-Jump Rope. It’s a good stamina builder. -Run with a group or a friend that’s your same level.
-Try listening to music while you excercise. It makes it go faster. -Try to cut back on soda, coffee or other caffeinated drinks. Be Consistant! Getting in good shape takes a long time!

Answer #5

thx for replaying but you didn’t specify how much should I run and I don’t really drink soda or coffee

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