Right before you go to sleep, and then feelt like

Have you ever just layed down like right before you go to sleep, and then feelt like you were fading out? And then you try to move and scream but can’t. This happened to me a lot in the past, I know it sounds crazy but I don’t know what it is…

Answer #1

YES! this has happened to me many times. and I personlly think its when your in bad steps. I used to do a lot of wrong things like drugs,sneek out, rob. ect…it was pretty scary. I did ‘nt feel like falling back to sleep because I was scared of it happening againe. I would think about postive things like god! know that iam during go0d it doesnt happen to me no more.

Answer #2

ya I’ve heard of this before…people around here say its when” a witch is riding your back” lol…which is false. but I don’t know what it could be but it happened to my older brother before.

Answer #3

me neither you might wanna tell a doctor when you go next. it doesnt sound normal. to me anyway.

Answer #4

It has happened to me before. I know what you’re talking about.

Answer #5

yeah I have no clue what it is but you should maybe go see a doctor.

Answer #6

nope, never happened to mee sorry


Answer #7

It happened to me…and my docter said that if you do something guilty it happens…Try thinking about positive things:))

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