Why do I have stretchmarks on my bottom and thighs?

I am 13 and I am skinny, most people say it is puberty? Is it?:/X

Answer #1

Yeahh it is hey! i had the exact same when i just hit puberty around your age in the exact places! dw they fade within the years

Answer #2

I still have them :( how do you get rid of them?

Answer #3

yes it is, being skinny doesnt mean you wont get stretchmarks, heaps of people have them, skinny people as well…and even models can have them. stretch marks happen when your body is growing

Answer #4

same here :O i thought i had a scar or something…its aweosme though

Answer #5

Thank you, :)x

Answer #6


Answer #7

omg, im 14, and i have them to. its so weird. they started about a year ago and now fading to white. but how do i know weather i can wear shorties or not ? do you think it would seem gross ?

Answer #8

how many years? i heard that once they turn white, you can’t get rid of them

Answer #9

umm well i got them when i was 13, can exactly rember when they faded but im now 17 and they are just white,

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