Thighs and Booty problems

I’m a african american girl 19, 5’11 slim top but I have the HUGEST problem below. my butt is big…my thighs are flabby and I hate them both. when its summer I have the hardest time with swimsuits because the fit me great up top, but are very tight at the bottom and my legs giggle around. when I wear a bikkini my crack hangs out because there soo low cut these days. and then ill pull it up and my cheeks hang out the bottom. My boyfriend is white and loves my butt and thighs. but I feel so self concsies about them when I wear shorts or a bathing suit. We’re going to mexico in may and I want to tone them out…so if anyone has any advice on this please help!!! and for all the girls that want more booty…take some of mine!!! :)

Answer #1

well I guess it wouldn’t really mean anything to me if you have a big butt. but I’m bi so jus leave it the way it is, if some people look at you juss think that they are looking at you because they are jelous payce<3

Answer #2

If you want to tone the thighs use pilates and use skin firming lotion.

Answer #3

Lol, I dont have a bootie! and IM BLACK! :[ people always make fun, but it is no problem to me because I like my slim body! SO. for you I would suggest doing pilates, and concentrating on thighs and butt excersices, including PILATES. go buy a pilates tape, their fun, and they work! :] good luck!

Answer #4

Thanks a lot for the advice guys, I looked at some stuff at walmart and I saw a pilates video set and tools. so I think ill look into that

Answer #5

you’ve been negatively programmed by unrealistic images of “perfect” women you sound like a hottie give yourself a break cardio excerise 45 min a day, 5-6 small meals, no refined sugar, don’t eat 3 hrs before bedtime will get you strted

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