Why do I keep getting stretchmarks?

there all over my boobs and my hips and my inner thighs.

like really bad.

and I keep getting more and more.

im not gaining weight im not getting taller!

why is this happening to me!

it makes me not want to wear my bikini.. and its not even in public… its my backyard and I still dont want to go outside without long shirt and pants…

why am I getting so many stretchmarks?

Answer #1

It could be just because you’re growing. Your skin can’t keep up with how fast your body is growing so it stretches and creates stretch marks on your body in particular places like lower back, hips, thighs and inner thighs. There are creams and ointments to help prevent or cover up stretch marks.

Answer #2

I dont T_T

Answer #3

first stop masturbating.

Answer #4

I said im not gaining weight you stupid b*tch

maybe thats why you dont have a picture

because you dont want people to see you, right?

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