Making stretchmarks less visible?

okayyy soo I have stretch marks on my breasts and thighs, andd I really want to know how I can make them less noticeable or somethingss! tipss please!

Answer #1

ok dude..most pple get them..its not a big deal. it just starts to happen when you start growing up. if you are at the age of like 15-20 then yeahh its going to happen..its normal..don’t worry at all

Answer #2

I don’t believe there is anything much you can do about them, except try to wear clothes that hide them and try to accept them. they are scars. many companies try to sell products that erase stretch marks or diminish their appearance, but most of them are full of it. don’t be suckered into spending lots of money on creams. sorry I don’t have any product to pass along, but maybe a trip to a dermatologist would be helpful. maybe there is something cosmetically that can be done.

Answer #3

buy stretch mark lotion it really works

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