Is there any way to straighten out my teeth without spending any money?

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no. there is no way. only way to get perfectly straight teeth is by getting braces. but there is a way you dont have to spend money, have someone else pay for braces for yourself.

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Well you can get braces quickly but that could cost too much. But my cousin got hers free on the NHS but she had to wait a 2-3 years on a waiting list for them.

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Honestly dont make fun of me but my twi front teeth were never perfect so when i was like 9 i filed them with a nail file and they'rebperfectly stright now and people tell me i have perfect teeth but little do they know i filed them hahaha but can you blame me i was 9 years old and i figure makes my nails even why not my teeth lol lol lol

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**oops two not twi and they're perfectly not they'rebperfectly lol

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**oops two not twi and they're perfectly not they'rebperfectly lol

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seriously, that's awesome

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I know right! If you wanted them within a year then it costs around £1800!!! what a rip off :/

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lol like you had an overbite so you filed them down? orr..?

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But I'm just telling you my story don't do it lol unless you really want to but I would go with braces lol

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Lol no its just one was like almost longer than the other and it sorta push up just a little bit not bad bad but i didnt like the way it looked lol i dont know how your teeth are so idk if it would work which is why i said go with the braces plus everyone is putting them on now a days lmao

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get braces and dont suck your thumb or anything, it will make them worse

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lmfao ok i will not suck my thumb thanks for that advice.

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