Rabies without saliva or teeth contact

My son got nipped by our dog. His teeth did not penetrate through 2 layers of his shirt. It was more of a pinch, no teeth marks and his shirt was not even harmed. Our dog is due for his rabies shot this year. I would just kike to know if my child is at risk for rabies. Thank you in advance, june l.

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Has your dog not been vaccinated before? If he has and he's coming due for his vaccination, then he's probably fine.

If the dg didn't pierce the skin, it's unlikely that there's any danger.

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Doesn't sound like it but it's your child - better safe than sorry - consult your Dr...Take care !!

Has anyone had Lasik?

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It isn't likely. However, keep your dog in the house for a couple of weeks to make sure it doesn't have the rabies.

You might call your vet and ask how long it would be for signs to appear if your dog has rabies. Explain the situation to him and see what he has to say.

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