Store-bought dye

I’ve read some of the questions on here and it says that all store-bought dyes turn black hair red or an ugly ginger color. I’ve tried it once and it turned my hair a pretty currant color just like it said/showed on the box. I just want to know if it will happen for other colors too I planning on getting caramel or brown highlights soon so I want to know if I use the store-bought dye if it will turn my hair a nasty color? Oh and just FYI I’m not African American I’m Asian.

Answer #1

If you use store bought Dye its VEry possible for it to turn like reddish or have a red tinge. It has done it to alll my hair and I’ve died and Streeked my hair Many many times

Answer #2

um. I think you have it a bit confused lol. store but dye usually always works, and gives you pretty much the color you wanted, but the stuff that those people were talking about that will turn your hair an ugly orange/ ginger color is store bought hair BLEACH.

and as for the highlights, it won’t turn you hair an ugly/unwanted color unless you buy bleach. just buy some nice brown highlight dye and I’m sure your hair will be fine.

Answer #3

if your hair has red in it already & you add bought blonde dye to that, it’s just going to make your hair redder.

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