Can I use a store-bought dye over my professional job?

i have recently had my hair done professionaly and it has gone blondw with a tinge of yellow which i cant stand…i wanted to know if it would be ok to use a store bought hair dye (blonde) and put it over the top of the blondey-yellow colour i have now…

Answer #1

it might not hurt you…but it wont solve your problem…you need to go back to a salon and ask them to use a violet based toner…the violet will tone out the orange giving u a more platinum look

Answer #2

okay first off pleaseee dont use anything from the store. I dyed my friends hair with it and my sisters they came out relle messed up. salon is the best place 2 go if you relle need 2 get it fixed! good luck <3 laur

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