Can I use store bought haircolor?

My hair is a light brown, I want to dye it a light blonde with bleach blonde highlights, I don’t have enough money to get it done professionally so can I use hair color from the store without turning my hair orange?

Answer #1

listen, ANYTIME you want to go very light, DO NOT use store bought hair dye. YES it will turn your hair orange, I wouldn’t even try it, you’ll kill your hair beyond repair. you have to do this at a professional, if you don’t have enough money right now then that’s too bad, be patient and save up. TRUST ME you’ll be so much better off.

Answer #2

You can buy store bought, just use the product “Frost & Glow” its the only one I know that doesn’t turn your hair orange. I went from black hair to bleach blond using that brand, its amazing. Don’t use any other brand though or theres a chance you will end up with orange hair. When you do dye it though, put a plastic bag over your hair for about 45 minutes and make sure its sealed. The heat needs to be kept in.

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