How to stop the pain after braces?

Answer #1

drink hot drinks. and try to eat non-hard foods.

Answer #2

advil….life saver for me after i got mine.

Answer #3

I started eating lol xD cause I’m a fatass lol it helps to just get over the pain and it goes away faster.

Answer #4

they will hurt for a week or two. for me i just try not to move my mouth alot and eat food that you dont need to chew alot.

Answer #5

At first, they will hurt from 2 days to a week or 2 but you will get used to it, but try to eat soft stuff because if you eat hard stuff it will really hurt bad, so be careful and good luck. ;)

Answer #6

mine too, :]

Answer #7

lol yeah it helps alot

Answer #8

I got unbelieveably lucky and haven’t had any pain whatsoever, my orthodontist told me to chew sugar free gum right after getting them, she said it would hurt like hell but would help massage the ligaments and over all make it less painful. Take advil as well :)

Answer #9

oh man I lived off yogurt and protean shakes and other liquid like foods for so long when I had braces…..

Answer #10

it does, xD

Answer #11

take lots of advil haha and just try to sleep it off it gets better after the first couple days

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