How can I stop myself from blushing everytime I see this guy (Nick Jonas) on t.v who makes me feel special?

Answer #1

Nick Jonas? Really hahaha!! Listen he’s just an untalented guy. (my opinion) haha I really have no answer, but just remember that he’s a normal dude on tv and that’s all there is to it haha

Answer #2

you cant stop yourself from blusing… not from what ive herd anyway

Answer #3

well theres nothing bad,right? Soon you will find someone else on t.v and do the same,if you really wanna stop…then don’t watch him when he come on t.v.thats all.

Answer #4

Well….You should determine if he makes you feel special if you meet him and talk to him. Some people aren’t always as they seem. Thats what I think :)

Answer #5

how does he make you feel special?? has he ever talked to u or said anything flatter to u or about u??

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