how to make your guy jelous

okay I was going out wit this guy but I broke up with him because I like someone else so yea but now that I saw him I realised that I made a mistake so my because got us hooked us back up but im like not sure if he liked the same before imean we were about to kiss but something stop us and I want to make him jelous so you know so he an realize that lots of guys are crazy bout me please help me

Answer #1

if you want him to be jelous hang out with the coolest and hottest boys and let him see you with them then he will get jelous and he will want you bac soo there you go plzz do it because it will work

Answer #2

Jealousy is one of those negative emotions that usually have a bitter end. It means that the other party does not trust you in some way or the other.

Answer #3

Using jealousy in relationships is very immature. If he likes you, he likes you and if he doesn’t, he doesn’t. You can’t make someone love you. He is probably leery of you because you may have hurt him before by breaking up with you.

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