Who is hotter - Ryan Sheckler vs. Nick Jonas

who’s hotter RYAN SHECKLER or Nick Jonas? I think Ryan all the way Nick is just cute and Ryan is HOT, with a dreamy smile and is humble when Nick is starting to look concited at times

Answer #1

Ryan Sheckler all the way he is way hotter if you can say Nick is hot, which I don’t think, Ryan has a great personallity and doesn’t really look as stuck up as Nick does at times

Answer #2


Answer #3

ryan sheckler is so ugly!

he looks life a fag. my vote is nick all the way.

Answer #4

Nick Jonas

Answer #5

ryan sheckler for sure!! he is so much sexier than nick nick just is gross ryan’s body is bang able ryan makes girls so d* horny!!

Answer #6

RYAN SHECKLER!<3 omggg. he’s so hottt! The Jonas Brothers, no offence, are ugly. and they have weird voices! Ryan Sheckler all the way!

Answer #7

ryan of course he is so hottt!!!

and im her bff

ryan definitly you should see him with his shirt off<3<3<3<3!!!

Answer #8

Nick bby ! <3

Answer #9

RYANNN 4sure the jobros don’t have nothing on him

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