Does anyone feel bad for Kevin Jonas?

I feel really bad for him because he never gets all t he girls like Nick and Joe do. he’s the one most forgoten. He is always in teh background at his concerts(not just because he’s a backup singer) I feel bad for him.

Answer #1

I feel bad for him cause everyones sayse hes gay I personally dont like the Jonas Brothers bud I do feel sorry for him

Answer #2

no I don’t. Kevin is my favorite. I think they all get equal love from the girls. The only difference with Kev is that the girls who like him are older, like myself, and don’t scream or cry when they see him. And! I’ve seen them several times, Kev isn’t in the back, I think they would be quite boring at shows if they didn’t have him.

Answer #3

Kevin Jonas is my favorite Jonas Brother adn he always will be… adn yes… he may not get as much attention from girls like Nick adn joe do… but it doesnt bother him. He still gets up there on stage everynight… adn when he hears girls screaming joe adn nicks name… he just smiles adn waves… its not about the girls for him… its about living his dream to the fullest… so really I dont feel bad… because I no that I love him more than anything..and if other people are too blind to see how amazing he is thats their problem. Not ours or his…

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