how do you stop a baby from crying?

because my baby nephew im watching just wont stop crying? can someone help me???

Answer #1

You need to find out why hes crying…also how old is he? Is he hungry, does he need a diaper change, a bottle or sippy cup? Is he upset about something? If hes not hungry or thirsty and his diaper is dry try distracting him, he may just miss his parents. Find some cartoons on tv, play peek a boo, take him outside, etc.

Answer #2

hes only 4 months old….i already fed him, and changed his diaper, he doesnt want his bottle, i dont think hes upset.

Answer #3

Oh i didnt realize he was that young. Try picking him up and walking with him. If you have a stroller put him in it and take him for a walk. He could be tired also try sitting and rocking with him. If hes been feed it could be gas, try burping him.

Answer #4

Get off of the computer and figure out what’s wrong.

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