how can my mom make my baby stop crying?

she took him to her house for a couple of days but he’s non stop crying

Answer #1

walking with him or taking him a bath.

Answer #2

He probally misses you , Tell her to do stuff with him that he likes . If hes not use to her dont leave him ALL night unless you have to . Let him stay there a couple hours at first then go from there . If he`s use to her then try doing things he likes .

Answer #3

i did it old her to turn on the ps3 and put call of duty on lol

Answer #4

(its super cold and raining here)

Answer #5

Maybe he’s colic? Take him to the hospital.

Answer #6

noo my baby never cries and not colic plus i heard they stop being colic after 3months

Answer #7

He never cries, but yet your question is about how he never stops crying. Alright, makes sense.

Answer #8

A change in routine is often enough to set a baby off balance…most likely, he’s just feeling stressed because he’s not with you or in his own bed. All your mother can really do is try to stay calm, so he doesn’t feel her tension, and keep soothing him. As long as he’s fed, changed, and burped, there’s nothing much left to do.

Answer #9

i meant hen hes with me?

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