Why does my mood change when my baby cries?

I love my 9 month old to bits and I would never let anyone hurt him, but when hes throwing a tantrum my mood changes instantly and I get really frustrated and dissapointed. I would never hurt my baby but I feel that because my mood changes maybe I havnt bonded with him. I really really want to have a good and loving relationship with my son, but I cant do that when he cries, I feel that I have to start all over again with the bonding. I know I sound pathetic and I hate my self for feeling like this. I am not depressed or anything because my mood only changes whn hes crying out of temper. I feel more disapointed than anything else when he cries. Is it my patience and my own frustrations?

Answer #1

part of motherhood

Answer #2

It’s part of being a mother…we all go through it.

Don’t be so hard on yourself - it is frustrating when your child continues to cry and you don’t know why.

It sounds like you could use a little break. Can anyone take him for a couple of hours each day so you can have a little personal time? A little time away will help you develop your patience.

Answer #3

yeah dont worry im not a mum or anything but I’ve got a baby sister and if she cried I always thought it was my fault and I got really upset and would go away ,dont worry it happens quite a lot, you need a break honey :)

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