Stomach hurts when i go pee, is this bad?

Lately I've noticed say when I'm going pee, that if I push it kind of hurts just below my stomach I've also felt around to see and it's really swollen it seems. the wall seems a lot bigger and stuff. why is this?!?

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I know what you mean about gas. I've been thinking my pain was cramps, but in reality I'm not cramping. I am tender and thought it was my uterus since I just had a d & C a month ago for irregular bleeding. But, one symptom is that I couldn't stand a full bladder. I kept wanting to go empty. Another thing is when simple gas rolls through me it caused bad pain down there. I feel raw and am now thinking bladder infection. I'm going to dr. Good luck

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Dear Soeffinhopelessx,

Don't worry your not pregnant, its just a bladder infection. it will die down in a couple weeks. and if it is worse, you have to go to a doctor.I hope it works out for you!


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it could be a bladder infection or something like that. go to the doctor and tell him everything, he'll have some ideas

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Hi, sxc_c. I don't drink or engage in sexual intercourse.
The rest of you, thank you. I'll try drinking more water.
Also, could gas (you all know what I mean!) affect there?
It's kind of like period cramps but almost unoticeable.

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I didn't even have sex.
I'm still a virgin.
But, my boyfriend fingered me. His hands were clean and he didn't masturbate before-hand.

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I got my period two weeks ago and the last time I did something was more than a month ago.

would my stomach hurt if im pegnant?

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How often do u do stuff like this with your bf? And i just wonder if your used to it or something. Also your bfs hands might have looked clean but he could have touched some kind of cleaner or maybe he washed his hands and your inner part got an alergic reaction. But you never know. It could be an infection from something else. But those are the only things i can come up with at the moment. Sry if im not much help. I hope u figure out what was going on. good day

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need more info to give could be many of things....check with your doc

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Go to a Dr. That is the only person who can really tell you what the problem really is.

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you might just have a water infection caused by 2much drinkin (alcohol) or 2much sex, id check it out with ur doctor

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And also one thing about when u pee....umm it could be that u dont drink enought water....try drinking about 4 glasses to 8 glasses of water a day and do it for a week and tell me if it works. And if it does continue doing it. If u drink a lotta pop and stuff it could effect your pee it could rot ur stomach and make it burn when u pee.
i hope i helped or whatever goodday

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There could be a couple of different reasons why it hurts when you pee. A couple of them could be:

* urinary tract infection
* gas
* need more water intake

Your doctor would be the best place to go to find out what is wrong. Plus, if it is an infection then you need antibiotics to get rid of it.

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