Why does my vagina hurt sooo bad ???

I literally cannot stop peeing . I can pee then before I even stand up from the toilet I have to pee again ! And it hurts really bad when I’m not peeing it’s agravating to go every few minutes so I try to hold it . It burns just sitting here and when I pee it burns so bad I could cry .

Answer #1

If you have a bladder infection, then you must go to the Dr. … It will only get worse. You need anti-biotics.


Answer #2

you might have a disease go for a pee sample just to be on the safe side

Answer #3

u might have a sexually transmitted disease if uve had sex or bladder infection

Answer #4

you can have an infection. you should go to the doctor to have that checked out. hope you feel better.

Answer #5

ok the problem I believe is that you have a bladder infection..thats it…

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