How do you stick to a diet when no one is supportive?

I really really want to do a cleanse, (lemonade diet/master cleanse) I have all the stuff, but my family and people around me are not supportive at all.. I went on it a while ago, I lasted two days but couldn’t anymore because they all constantly teased me with food.. I have asked them not to offer me things but they just think it’s funny, I suppose.. So how do I do it without their support?

Answer #1

It’s really hard sticking to something when you have no support. Have you tried an online support community? Websites like “Daily Burn” are fantastic for encouragement and support, as they are based on people just like you, who are trying to watch what they eat.

Answer #2

Its will power I suppose, you can either do it or you cant. Im on a diet now and I have no idea how I have managed to not eat pizzas and takeaways or not eat after 7 at night for well over a month. Ive even started excercising, it should just come to you, if whatever you’re aiming for you want it bad enough.

Answer #3

thanks so much colleen, is the website free??

Answer #4

Yeh it is I just this minute went and checked it out! lol thanks colleen x

Answer #5

It’s mainly free, but there are other privileges you can access by paying a small fee. Personally, I’ve used the site myself, and saw no reason for paying anything - everything you could possibly need is available for free.

Answer #6

Well no matter what you do theres always gunna be someone wanting to hold you back. If its a healthy diet go for it but that doesnt mean starving yourself ive tryed u pay for it after. But u have to be consistint with it and have will power. And only snack when you need too not just out of bordom. And when you do snack make healthy choices. That doesnt mean you cant reward yourself every now and again. But not all the time. Good Luck. :D

Answer #7

Hmm it is telling me i need about 1800 cals a day, maybe i should change my activity to a more truthful level haha.

Answer #8

With the cleansing diet, you eat NOTHING for a week to 10 days.. and it cleanses your body.. basically you drink this mixture that provides you with the nutrients your body needs to function properly.. but you can’t consume anything besides that and water.. so you see how hard it’d be with people saying ‘’haha, I can eat and you can’t!’’ :)

Answer #9

Oh. Sorry I didnt read it right. Well in a way thats not good because well its not good for your body in genral you have to eat.

Answer #10

Im confused. Sorry. Lol.

Answer #11

Here’s the problem. It’s not a diet. It’s not like you’re watching what you eat. You’re starving your body for 2 days (600-1200 cals will put your body in starvation mode). It’s not easy to last on a starvation diet very long. Also, there’s no real evidence that it cleanses anything. Your body is pretty good with cleansing itself out without any help. However, if you are determined to do it, you’re going to have to avoid meal times. Go out and do other stuff. It’s only 10 days. You can keep busy for that long. You are more likely to last if you simply go on a low calorie diet. That way if they’re waving food in your face, for one thing you’re not starving, for another you can grab a low calorie substitute (like an apple), and so you dont feel deprived. The other alternative is to start with the low calorie diet, and then go onto the master cleanse. That way you’re not immediately cutting yourself off.

Answer #12

its hard, im trying to go on a good diet, not to lose weight but to eat healthier, trying to stop eating junk and drinking soda and all. im trying to eat right and all, but in my house my mom stil gets junk food, its very had not to eat it but theres motivation for me to try to stay away from it but it makes it so much harder. and my parents need to start eating better but they do for like a week or 2 nd i tell them yet stil junk in my house. but what i no that helps is to prove ppl wrong to show u can do something that seems to b extremely hard

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