What are some good ways to stay and stick to a diet?

I’ve been feeling self conscious a lot lately about my weight. Everyone tells me different things about what to eat and not eat. I was told to drink regular soda and not diet, then some say to do the opposite. I really do want to go on a diet, and lose weight, but I don’t know what kind of foods are good for diets, or what kind of exercises to do. Can anyone help me please?

Answer #1

Nutritionists say that if you can’t stick to a particular “diet” your whole life, you shouldn’t try it temporarily. I say there is no such thing as a diet, but a healthy lifestyle. Because in reality you can diet all you want, but when you go back to eating regularly you’re going to gain all the weight back. ;) I would know as I used to severely restrict calories/starve myself.

As for what you should do, cut out the soda completely. I’ve never been one to drink regular soda my whole life, so I thought drinking diet soda made me healthy. Wrong! When I completely cut pop out of my diet I lost around ten pounds. This doesn’t happen for everyone, but it sure makes you healthier.

To stick to a healthy lifestyle, you should have two days a week where you are lenient on what you’re eating. That doesn’t mean you should binge on pizza, doughnuts, and ice cream but you can enjoy eating “unhealthy foods” in moderation. See, if you go seven days a week being strict with what you eat, you are WAY more likely to binge and over-eat. :)

Good luck! Remember to exercise around an hour a day. It doesn’t matter what you do, just get your blood pumping! However running/jogging, biking, and rope jumping are GREAT calorie burning activities.

And Mikeh, couldn’t have said it better myself.

Answer #2

jenandyannarockluvyou, I’ve deleted your answer. Any diet that advises someone to eat one type of food and ONLY that food is ridiculously dangerous. In case it has escaped your notice, the human body is not composed of one thing, and single-food diets starve vital systems of the nutrients they need to function. For instance, cutting fat from your diet completely can reduce nerve function drastically.

To answer your question, the best diets are those that are not diets. Diets are designed around deprivation and so ultimately do not work because no one enjoys a meal plan that feels like a punishment, whether or not they work. But learning portion control and incorporating moderate exercise into your daily routine will always be successful because they are ultimately ingrained into your natural behavior. That’s one reason plans like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are so successful, because they construct entire meal plans based on what is healthy for you and you alone instead of giving you a list of things not to eat.

Answer #3

Maybe just work out more. Thats what I heard some people say. Get involved with a gym or dance group to go to every week. My twin as a dance group she goes to, and she has SUCH a flatter stomache then mine! Hmmm…I might want to do dance now…

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