Does sterling silver rust?

Answer #1

I would think so if it’s fake silver

Answer #2

If it’s fake silver yes.

Answer #3

Yes it can rust. Be sure to keep it clean and use a non abrasive jewelry cleanser.

Answer #4

no but it can tarnish (this means the silver goes a black colour) and all you need to do is rub an old toothbrush with toothpaste on it to shine it up again and remove the tarnish). real silver does not rust

Answer #5

What is fake silver? Sterling is real silver, any silver your dealing with might not rust(it can), but rather it oxidizes, so there isnt a way to prevent it, but by wiping it clean every once in a while it shouldnt be a problem

Answer #6

sterling silver is mostly silver, which is very unreactive. It has other metals, usually copper to give it more strength. The copper can react with oxygen, but there is usually only about 7% copper in the alloy. Silver does react with sulphur, and this produces the tarnish other people have described which is black in appearance. DO NOT polish it away, this actually removed silver ions and devalues the silver. Line a bowl with aluminium foil and fill it with hot water. Add salt and sodium bicarb, then put your silver items in. Take them out when the tarnish is gone (may be about five minutes for heavily tarnished pieces), rinse in water and dry.

Answer #7

Thanks! Sodium bicarb is baking soda right?

Answer #8

yes it is

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