Why is my studded ring turning pink in some places?

I have this stretchable silver studded ring and I’ve had it for a few months and I’ve noticed that it’s turning pink. And pink is one of my least favorite colors and I’m really not liking it. Anyone know what caused it and is there anyway I can fix it?

Answer #1

Maybe it’s rusting. Is it real silver or gold?

Answer #2

How would I know if it’s real silver? What’s the difference? I just bought it at JC Penney

Answer #3

Because if it’s fake, it rust and sometimes turn pink.

Answer #4

Yeah it’s fake. I just asked my mom

Answer #5

I hope that answered your question. Glad I could help.

Answer #6

if it was bought at jc penny it would be made from a cheap metal (nothing like silver (stamped 925) or gold (stamped 375 or higher). cheap metals can rust and/or the coat of silver shiny metal can wear away with use quickly, a good way to help stop it is to apply clear coloured nailpolish over the band of the ring, or if its silver coloured, use silver nailpolish to help fill in the spaces that have gone a different colour

Answer #7

If the jewelry is real silver or gold, it should not change color. If it’s fake (just silver/gold colored) it will most probably change color/ give irritation/ rust/ etc.

If it is fake, make sure that when you take it of, you don’t leave it in the bathroom around water because that will ruin it faster.

Answer #8

I advise you to pick up some surgical steel jewlery. Please dont paint it with nail polish as stated above. The nail polish can chip and become lodged in your piercing. That can cause a serious infection. You can find sufgical steel online or at your local tattoo/piercing shop.

Answer #9

Piercing? Wtf? I’m talking about a ring that you wear on your finger. I don’t have any piercings

Answer #10

sorry I didnt read the question correctly. Nail polish is fine to use on rings. But you should use a clear polish 1st amd then a colored one and then another coat of clear polish.

Answer #11

It’s fine. I actually already got it fixed so it’s fine now. Thanks for the advice anyways!

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