Why did my silver earrings tarnish while in my ears?

my silver earrings were in my 3rd hole(which i had about 3-4 months ago) and ive been having some trouble with my right ear and there was some pus coming out and a lump. i do clean my ear and earrings regular,but the right earring was tarnished when i took it out the other day. so i swapped it around and i took them out today,the one which was in my left one now in my right one,had tarnished. why did it tarnish while in my ear?

Answer #1

Our sweat and skin oils contain a chemical called hydrogen sulfide that reacts to silver producing silver sulfide which is the black tarnish we see. People who eat foods higher in sulfur (e.g. garlic, onions, eggs, broccoli, cabbage) will have more hydrogen sulfide in their sweat, oils, and breath.

Answer #2

Sure it was real silver??? Real silver will color a little bit but not completely tarnish tarnish in your ears, or maybe its what you use to clean your earrings. But if you have pus then you are allergic to the metal, the best metal to use is surgeans steal i used to have the same problem with my ears, the same ear to be exact and i gauged my ears and only use surgeans steal and have never had a problem since. If your piercing is more in the cartilage the gauge i suggest that wont hurt to bad putting in is a size 16 because its only one size down from your typical earring, and if your scared it might hurt, lube it up with neosporin or vaseline to put it in.

Answer #3

Thanks.i was abit worried just incase the pus did that to my earring.

Answer #4

Try gold too.

Answer #5

yes they are real silver.and i dont think im allergic to the silver because my other 5 holes aren’t infected.

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