What kind of silver do I have

I have a silver bowl that is marked International Silver Co PAA, 466, 05114, 96 oz and has a “66” in a small box. What kind os silver is this? I know Sterling is 925.

Answer #1

You appear to have a silver, or silver plate bowl that was made for Pan American for their first class airplane passengers.

International Silver Co is located in CT, but is now owned by a company in MA.

The 66 is the year it was made, the 96oz, the amount the bowl holds, and the other markings appear to be a catering code for PanAm from what I can find.

This appears to almost match your description of the markings:

http://www.everythingpanam.com/images/8 b coffee pot.jpg

Although this image happens to be of a coffee pot. All the markings are identical except for the 466, which a probably PanAm code.

I recommend visiting: www.everythingpanam.com and use the contact there to help you further — If nothing else, this person has extensive information on what appears to be something potentially historical, if only for PanAm.

Hope this helps…

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