what is an atheists funeral like?

Its just a question that popped into my head. just curious. cause lots of funerals i know of are at churches or have some sort of spiritual stuff going on? hit me with it.

Answer #1

whoa, thats actually a good question o_o i would asumme they just don’t go in a church and go straight to the burial

Answer #2

this kinda made me laugh.

Answer #3

They are done at funeral homes (which by the way, alot of religious people also opt for funeral home services and nott churches). The are done the same way a religious one would be done, without the religious aspects such as reading from the bible and such. Family members may give eulogys about the deceased, songs may be played, pictures are shared…etc.

Answer #4

ok. you hit me but now round 2. (and this of course is hypothetical) What if the family is cheap and/or poor? Hit me so i dont get back up. DING! DING! DING!

Answer #5

If a family is unable to pay for a funeral or burial - the body is cremated. My fiances parents could not afford a funeral or burial for his brother, he was cremated at a funeral home and put in a urn.

Answer #6

ok i would keep going but that was a good one. TKO.

Answer #7

you made me think of an old joke. the punch line is, “All dressed up and no place to go.”

Answer #8

so where’s the joke?

Answer #9

um, ok, so there’s this corpse in a coffin? and he/she was an atheist when alive? and people standing around are commenting about how nice he/she looks? one person finally says, “What a shame…” then the punchline.

Answer #10

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