Is soy milk really better than regular milk?

I recently (about 2 weeks ago) switched to soy milk for my allergies. I recently spoke to someone who told me that they put a lot of artificial hormones and nonsense into it? Does anyone know if this is true and whether it will really benefit me in the long run?

Answer #1

i personally dont like the taste of soy milk

Answer #2

I Drink Soya milk all the time and it’s lovely and doesn’t affect me.

Answer #3

buy organic soy milk, that way you know they don’t add anything artificial to it for sure

Answer #4

I avoid dairy as well; many because ti makes my asthma flare up.

Some experts think that soy is poison while other experts say that it helps prevent cancer, heart disease and dementia.

Personally I think soy is healthy but it is easy for vegetarians to overload on soy with fake meats, cheeses, milk, and it added to cereals, bread, etc. A healthy diet includes a lot of variety and eating too much of any one food cuts a lot of other foods out.

Soy does not have artificial hormones; it does have chemicals called phytoestrogens. Like the name implies these are plant chemicals that are similar in structure to the human hormone estrogen. This is one of the reasons soy is thought to help menopausal women. However, phytoestrogens are much weaker than our own estrogens so it is unlikelly that normal amounts have any meaningful effect.

I’m not a big fan of soy milk either; Silk is pretty good but other than that I haven’t found any soy milk I like. My favorite is Almond milk. On cereal I like it even better than cows milk.

Answer #5

to add to filletofspams answer, phytoestrogens are NOT estrogens, but their similar structure means they can behave like them. However, everything I have read suggests that if there was a problem, it would be with feminising men, and you are not in danger of that! Another option is rice milk. I personally really like soy milk!

Answer #6

Thanks, that’s why I don’t eat diary anymore. Asthma. And I’m liking the taste of the soy milk. Was just curious about whether it is really more beneficial.

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