is milk chocolate better for you than white chocolate?

As in, which has the highest calorific content, fat content, or overall badness?

Either way, both are yummy :)

Answer #1

Considering that milk chocolate is made from the fat of the cocoa bean (coca butter), I’d have to say white chocolate is the worst of them all.

But as katydid747 said, dark chocolate is your better option.

Answer #2

I think that you are a loser if you dont like white chocolate then you are a nerd, so if you dont just think that all those people that pick the beans and fall to their deaths out of them trees and diee. I picked coca once and I almost fell (true actually) and I was there when sumone fell out of one of them so if you read this then I hope your happy that your indul;gence has caused poor old sahid to die! :(I am sad at your indulgence!!!

Answer #3

Who cares!? lol White Chocolate just tastes so damn good!

Answer #4

ok well milk chawlcolate is I guesss but white isnt really chawcolate is more of a candyyy

Answer #5

dark chocolate is better for you than both of those.

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