Whyte Farms is premium dairy company that delivers organically produced fresh Cows milk and other dairy products, directly from our own farm to your doorstep.The milk is produced by our own cattle raised at our cruelty-free , state-of-the-art farm, situated in Tijara, Rajasthan. We are one of the finest farms across India.We are certified by ISO, FSSAI and recognized by the Government of Rajasthan.

About Whytefarms

Who We Are

Welcome to Whytefarms, your go-to destination for farm-fresh organic cow milk in Delhi NCR. We take pride in being a family-owned business that is dedicated to providing the highest quality, 100% pure and untouched cow milk to our customers. Our farm, located in Tijara, is where all the magic happens - from production to pasteurization, bottling, and sealing. We believe in keeping things simple and transparent, ensuring that you receive only the best when you choose Whyte Farms.

What We Do

At Whyte Farms, we are committed to delivering organic cow milk that is free from any artificial additives, preservatives, or hormones. Our cows are raised in a natural and healthy environment, ensuring that the milk they produce is of the highest quality. We do not believe in separating, standardizing, or homogenizing our milk - instead, we keep it pure and untouched, just as nature intended. This dedication to quality and purity is what sets us apart from the rest.

Why You Should Use Us

When you choose Whyte Farms as your source for organic cow milk, you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best. Our milk is not sourced from multiple farms, but rather produced right on our own farm. This means that we have complete control over the entire process, from start to finish. By eliminating the middleman, we can guarantee that our milk is always fresh, nutritious, and full of flavor. Plus, by supporting Whyte Farms, you are supporting local agriculture and sustainable farming practices.

What Can You Ask?

  • Where is your farm located?
  • What makes your cow milk organic?
  • Do you deliver to areas outside of Delhi NCR?
  • How do you ensure the freshness of your milk?
  • Are your cows treated humanely?
  • Can I visit your farm to see the production process firsthand?

Choose Whyte Farms for all your organic cow milk needs and experience the difference that pure, farm-fresh milk can make in your life. Contact us today at 9873710709 to place your order and taste the Whyte Farms difference for yourself.

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