What is the song when they use the mini-coopers to get away with 1 million dollars in "Noble Son" the movie?

Answer #1

The Movie “Nobel Sun” sountrack includes the following:

Track listing

  1. Nobel Son – Spitfire
  2. Just One Of Those Things (Brazilian Girls Remix) - Blossom Dearie
  3. Let Me Be Real - Bad Apples
  4. Feed Your Mind (Underworld Remix) – Oakenfold ft. Spitfire
  5. Come Inside – The Chemical Brothers
  6. Hum - Groove Armada
  7. So Clear - Emjay and The Atari Babies
  8. Thumb Time – Paul Oakenfold
  9. Building Minis – Paul Oakenfold
  10. Intro – Paul Oakenfold
  11. Roasted Pig – Paul Oakenfold
  12. Bumpy Flight Home – Paul Oakenfold
  13. Screwing Around – Paul Oakenfold
  14. Barkley’s Desire – Paul Oakenfold

Maybe one of the above rings a bell. Not seen the film myself, so I don’t know which one fits in with the scene you mention.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #2

Thank you so much

Answer #3

Sexy and I know it

Answer #4

Google the soundtrack for the movie

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