If I find a movie or person I like I get obsessed

Ok so I have a problem if I find a movie or person I like I get obsessed and thats on my mind all day. I get obsessed real easy. Right now im obsessed with edward furlong kurt cobain nirvana and american history x. I used to have a obsession with sid and nancy and marilyn manson. I still like them but not as much how to I get over my obssesions

Answer #1

You need variety of things in yr life, and most of all seems like yr avoiing something that you naturally are attracted to, maybe you haave put it off for so long yr brain has associated things that you do as being,,,ummm, “really really yr thing…um dont know it that makes sense to u, enjoy everything as you are and stop putting things off, just do it, chance and risk takes you places and can only make you a more versatile person to b with.

Answer #2

american history x is the most amazing movie ever made.

but yeah, just keep your mind busy so that way your head can wander off different places and you won’t focus on one or two things. stay busy. good luck!

Answer #3

I’m the same, and my mum and a few other people do actually suspect I have OCD, so you might too.

Answer #4

You may have OCD. If it’s impacting your quality of life, there are medical treatments available.

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