Why does my son cry in his sleep and wakes up screaming?

Answer #1

maybe he’s having a bad dream :(

Answer #2

What do 6month old babys have bad dfeams about? This has been happening a lot it has me very worried :/

Answer #3

well people back in the day said that babies wake up screaming because an angel pinched them in their dream or something or maybe they are having a dream about someone pinching them .. babies are very small and may not know a lot but they also do have dreams … but if its really worrying you a lot then talk to his doctor although I’m pretty sure he’ll say its normal my baby sister does the same thing and she’ll keep crying even once I pick her up but she’ll calm down and realize its just a dream or something :D but I don’t know how your son is actually reacting so too be on the safe side I would go to a doctor :) hope I helped :))

Answer #4

Bad dreams are a good explanation. At least if it doesn’t sound like he’s in pain. Then I’d go to the doctor. Maybe he’s got digestion problems.

A six month old baby could have a bad dream about mommy leaving the room or about a lout sound scaring him. Or about anything weird that he doesn’t understand.

My son (now 3 years old) used to have funny dreams when he was a baby. He’d start smiling in his sleep and then he’d suddenly giggle until he woke up. So cute. :-)

Answer #5

oh yea my baby sister use to do that too smile in her sleep :D

Answer #6

It could be night terro.rs. I used to have them when I was little and just grew out of them. It really freaked my parents out though. I never remembered having them though so that’s good.

Answer #7

Nightmares. If he is younger, odds are he is dreaming of things he doesnt understand or are just afraid of (like dogs or clowns) If the is young enough, Make sure you comfort him. Let him tell you his dream. Ask him what it is he is afraid of. It helps him cope and canmake it occur less when he starts to realize they are dreams.

Answer #8

I wish you could tell how old he is. If he is under 5 years old, the symptom is called GROWING PAIN. Children under 5 years old have not developed their bone yet. However they are so active as if they can play all day long. When they are sleeping, the pain of the tiredness often comes out of a sudden and that causes the kids cry or scream. If at any day you notice your boy is have extra actitvities during the day, you can give him little massage before he goes to bed.If he is older than that, maybe it is just tat he has a bad dream.

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