Tips on how to take care of a child who is energetic?

Please give some tips on how to take care of a child who is energetic but easily catches colds and even coughs. How could this be permanently eliminated or really be minimized? Id like him to grow up healthy and fit.

Answer #1

9! Well, you can still apply some of these ideas but make them age appropriate for him. I don’t think he would appreciate you putting a diaper on him before bed. Good luck. Life will never be dull with him!

Answer #2

i have 7 of them. u need alot of patience. u can start by giving a over the counter multi vitamin, cod liver oil or scott’s emulsion, that helps keep them healthy. Put on ur sneakers and do some exercises, like play ball, take ur child swimming, bike riding… how old is ur child??

Answer #3

Do your or anyone living in the house smoke inside? I want to tell you not to confuse high energy with disorders such as ADD and ADHD. Not every child who is “hyper” needs professional help. I cannot tell you what to do about the coughing and catching colds often. The best help you can get with those problems would be from his doctor. I can tell you ways to help boost his immune system to maybe help him not get so many colds. I CAN tell you how to raise a hyper child. I have had 5 hyper boys! First of all, I do not know how old he is, but if he is younger than 3 and still taking a nap during the day, immediatley cut that out. Sounds crazy, I know, but not every child requires a nap during the day. If he takes two naps a day, at least cut out one of them. Second, make sure he is on a pretty tight schedule. I do not mean limit his activities, but make sure he wakes up in the morning at about the same time and goes to bed at the same time every night. Also make sure he eats three hearty but healthy meals a day. Limit the snacks. Food is used for energy. Absolutely no chocolate, candy, soda after 4:00 pm. No sodas anytime would be great, too. Make sure there is a lot of activities for him to do. This can be done inexpensively. All types of balls are great, especially Nerf brand. Jump rope, sidewalk chalk, a bicycle, and other great outside toys would help. Also, put on some upbeat music and have him dance. Dance with him, he will love it. When feeding him, for breakfast , he could have cereal or oatmeal with fresh fruit. A glass of orange juice to drink. Stay away from milk during the day. Lunch can be a sandwich and some celery sticks and maybe a cookie. Grilled cheese is great, too. Whatever you cook for dinner will be just great. Pasta and rice give you high energy at first, then you are tired. Try to get him to drink lots of water throughout the day. This will keep him hydrated and healthy. Serve him milk with dinner. Milk has a natarul sleep aid that will help him relax. Bed time can be challenging for the energetic child. About 45 minutes to an hour before bed, start having more calming activities. Turn on lamps so the light is more dim in the home. Turn the tv down or off. Put on some soft music. He can color or play with leggos. Give him bath every night. Read to him , too. Finally, have him brush his teeth and use the bathroom (unless he is still in a diaper) and tell him good night. Make sure you do the same thing every night. These things will help with his energy levels and keep him healthy. He will get used to the “schedule”. He will not realize he is on a schedule, but he will find comfort in the stability of a routine. I have lots of ideas for children. Fun lunhes, activities, games, etc. If you ever need any more advice, just ask, and if you come up with something new to try, let me know, I may not have tried it and can apply it to my family!


Answer #4

He is running 9 yrs. old. Thnx :) lots

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