what can be done so we wont have to pay child support?

my husbands ex girlfriend is pregnant with her 5th child and doesnt take care of any of them two of them live with my mother in law and we dont think its fair that we pay her child support for a child she is have living with her

Answer #1

I’m reading it that one child is living with the mother…who is also pregnant with another child…and 2 are living with the mother in law.

Answer #2

From what I’m understanding, two of your husband’s children are living with your husband’s mother, but you’re still paying full child support to the children’s mother?

If anything, part of the support should be going to your husband’s mother.

File your claim in court and arrange to have the payments reduced so that you’re only paying for the children who live with her.

Answer #3

If it’s your husband’s child, and it is living with his ex…then he owes child support…That;s just how it goes. If he’s the father of all these kids, he should be paying child support for all of them (even if he gives the support to his mom).


Answer #4

I would talk to a lawyer about having the babies custody transferred over to who does take care of it and have the current parent labeled as unfit.

Answer #5

Then we’re understanding it the same way phrannie :)

Answer #6

your best bet is to call child protective services and discuss the situation with a lawyer or a paralegal

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