So, how am i suppose to be normal..

when I don't have a normal heart?
Last week I had a catheter ablation done & it's scared me, a lot.
It took a lot longer, & many things went wrong during it. Now, I'm afraid to sleep at night & my heart has palpitations. Nothing's working & my mom never believes me.. She just says "It was for the better & it'll eventually get better."

How am I suppose to think that when I almost died?

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U can thnk that cause you almost did...just thank God you didnt..I know it's hard but your going to have to look at the g0od in this situation which is you didnt...I kn0w where you comin frm and how you feel I almost loss my life my senior year of I know how you feel...dont look at the past...focus on the future...I hope this helps

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