Do cigarettes have calories?

Do cigarettes have calories? Yes I do smoke. But im just asking.

Answer #1

what mikeh said

Answer #2

Thanks to a slightly elevated metabolism as a result of the tar and nicotine ingested in the smoke, a pack of 20 cigarettes will actually burn 200 calories.

So not only will cigarettes help you lose weight, they also make you look extremely cool and make you smell like a cowboy, so they’re really a win all around.

Answer #3

nope, and there are theories that it acts as an appetits suppresant, this isn’t true either… people THINK they loose weight when they start to smoke, it’s not that they LOOSE weight becuase of the smoking, it’s because they go ‘out for a cigarette’ rather than eat all their lunch!…

and you’re underage, you shouldn’t even be buying cigarettes…:(

Answer #4

No cigarettes don’t have calories. It’s not like food, you don’t digest it. Yes the nicotine goes into your blood stream, but there isn’t any sugar, carbs, calories, or any nutrional value to smokes.

Answer #5

The chemicals from the Tobacco are inhaled into your lungs, travel through your bloodstream, and affect your body’s natural system. I smoke too, for now, but when you stop, your lungs will go from black to pink gradually.

Answer #6

ya. but like well apparantly for some people they make you full so you dont want to eat. like i dunno i dont get hungry when i smoke even if i havnt eaten i feel like empty lol but not hungry. but i dont feel full tho. :P yaaaa and they dont have any calories

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