Do cigarettes contain calories?

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No question is stupid, especially a question associated with such a controversial issue as smoking. Smoking gives the illusion of weight loss by promoting the consumption of 0 calories while suppressing appetite. Many who smoke usually replace meals with the habit, going from consuming a fair amount of calories a day to nearly nothing. That is just the illusion though. The reality is that your mind and body become flooded with innumerable negative side effects; every risk increases, every natural defense mechanism in your body weakens, and you establish a mentality of dependency on this harmful, material habit. Like in any situation, you must weigh the pros against the cons, and it is overwhelmingly obvious to those who have their priorities in check that the cons outweigh the pros, making smoking a bad decision. Living in a society with such emphasis on body image and health, it would be a shameful contradiction to try to achieve the 'perfect and healthy body' via imperfect and unhealthy means. Weight is something that can always be changed, and by various healthy and unhealthy ways. The effects of smoking are issues that are irreversible, and issues you will have to live with for the rest of your shortened life expectancy. Although the high gloss of society and the quest for flawlessness may have led you to seek drastic measures for extreme weight loss, don't fool your soul into believing that beauty is only skin deep; it is more than skin deep, and is not very attractive when you contain billions of cancer cells and smell like smoke. That is a false beauty and a new problem that you cannot smoke away. Don't waste your money, your time, your emotions, or your life on something so falsely benign as smoking that only causes you to be malignant. Instead, smoke in the essence of life; it is free and leaves you feeling rejuvenated, appreciative, and humble.

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^^^ chewing up and swallowing cigarettes (and other non-edible things) is actually a common, but little known eating disorder called pica :]

anyway, unless you are actually EATING these cigarettes (which I hope you're not), the nicotine does not contain any calories.

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no they actually cause you to be skinnier.
the more you smoke, the more weight you lose
I don't know I think it has to do with metabolism or something.
havent you ever noticed the people who smoked for a long time are skinnier

What happens if you don't inhale the smoke of a cigarette or a cigar?
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r you scerious that is a retarded question I mean you inhale them then exhale you dont eat them and if you do im shure you will barf thim up soon after

Why do they put extra chemicals in cigarettes?

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smoking cigs has nothing to do with your metabolism. People simply smoke instead of eat. It has to do with an oral fixation. They trade eating more for smoking. But it can kill you in the long run.

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No but they will slowly kill you.

Ciggs or swishers

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what the heck does it matter they are really bad 4 your body you can die from them or get lung cancer, or kidney problems!!!

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So you are more worried about putting on 5 lbs, than getting lung cancer? Geez...

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they're cigarettes, either way they're harmful to your body, but I doubt they do

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yes, 234 total calories, 45 net carbs, 4g of sugar, and 200 pounds of death

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It wouldn't matter if they did, unless you chewed them up and swallowed them.

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why...are you concerned that you'll gain a little bit of weight?

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I didn't realise cigarettes were meant to be eaten?

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This is a very useless question because how cigarettes contain calories .cigarette is very harmful to our body. This is also immensely inadvisable since the harm to your body caused by developing a smoking habit is likely to be far greater than the harm (if any) caused by the relatively small amount of weight it would help you lose.

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