Does the smell of woman's ejaculation same as pee?

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Not at all, i assume your talking about female ejaculation as when a woman squirts, it is clear unlike pee and has a sweet smell.

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No it is clear and it has a sweet smell t it...its completely different than pee.

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I do finger myself sometimes and while
i do it I came out clear liquid and it smells not really pee same as pee but closely related smell...
is it possible?

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It is possible for some women to not be able to control ther bladders when they are getting off, the only thing i can tell you is to examine it more next time. If it smells like pee its pee. Ejaculate smells sweet and is clear.

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i wish seeing u doing that

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Female ejaculate comes from the urethra, the same place as urine comes from, so sometimes because it is mixed with a few drops of urine it can smell slighly like urine.

Also note that female ejaculate is not the same as female lubrication.

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