Fishy smell after my boyfriend ejaculates inside of me, why?

Has anyone noticed a fishey sort of smell from your vagina after a man ejaculating inside you with no protection? This happens to me, and its most off putting. I know this is the reason for the scent as it always happens with my boyfriend. I just want to know why this is. Am I alergic to it?

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have you ever smelled seamen before? if not thats probably what your smelling

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yea!!! it happens to me too

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This is actually very common. It would seem that the mixtures of fluids causes the smell ... it's not because you have an STI or that she's dirty, it's just something that happens when male fluids meet female fluids ... possibly due to the semen changing the natural ph levels in the v.agina. A shower should take care of it :)

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