How can I get slim arms?

How do I have slim arms instead of muscular arms when exercising? what kind of exercise should I or should I not do? What about thighs? I just want to have slim and sweet arms and thighs instead of muscular ones…

Tanks loads!~

Answer #1

All you have to do is a normal diet. It doesn’t have to be anything special. When you diet, it doesn’t just slim down your belly, but also your limbs!

I reccomend Rice Cakes, Bread Sticks, or Bread Flats for snacks. They taste very good, and they make excellent snacks!

Also, switching from hamburger to veggie burger helps. When I first switched to a vegetarian, I lost a lot of weight. Smart dogs are good, too.

Join a sport, like soccer. But just to warn you, you run a lot, and do very difficult exercises.

But as long as you move around, it’s okay. Get the wii, or play DDR max. You could also do something calm, like yoga. Or maybe just walk to the grocery store, church, or whatever is close to you.

For meals, EAT SLOWLY! Drink 8 glasses of water a day

Another thing I recommend is green tea. If you don’t like it at first, just keep drinking it, and you’ll eventually grow a liking for it. It really worked for me! :-)

Some great foods are also: Fat Free Cheese(Trust me, it tastes 10 times better than other cheese, and it also has only 30 calories per slice) Fat Free yogurt Cheerios Whole Wheat bread Granola Bars Carrot Sticks and fat free ranch dressing

I hope this all helps

Answer #2

Do some weight training …but don’t over do it…they say normally you shouldn’t lift more than 3 times a week. I’d start out with 3-5 lbs weights and work your way up until you get the desired toning of the arms you wish to have.

Answer #3

It sure did help…! TANKS LOADS!!! =D

Answer #4

tanks…! (:

Answer #5

go to academy and get the weight ball for u 8 pounds and then do crunches to them

Answer #6

lift weights

Answer #7

my bad sorry I read that wrong. I apologise. :)

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