How can I lose flabby bulky arms and have slim toned arms instead?

Hi all… I have flabby arms when I don’t work out and when I do work out I have bulky arms! im a female so I don’t want the bulky look… Therefore when it looks too bulky and muscular I stop working out my arms as I feel my arms getting big and too “manly” looking. I’m not a very tall girl so it looks terrible on me. However when I don’t work out the arms they get flabby…??? Can someone suggest something?

Answer #1

ummm… if you’re getting bulky it’s probably cause you’re doing a workout to gain musscle!! if what you’ve been doing is lifting weights and gaing weights per every set of 15 reps (for example) that’ll make you gain musscle. what you’d probably wanna do is lift a light weight (5lbs is good) and do perhaps 3sets of 15 reps of either flies or hammer curls (depending on which musscel you wanna work out) I’d do both in order to keep them tonned equally!

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Answer #3

Go ahead and work out…then stretch the muscle with Haitha Yoga, as a follow up…it really works.


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