Anyone else have an annoying sister?

Does anyone else have an annoying sister, I still love her though, she is my sister!?

Answer #1

oh yeah except shes 14 and im 16 and shes a major pain, but not as bad as a while ago shes bossy and obnoxious and always wants her way all the time she yells and has a horrible temper if she gets a little bothered but shes also the funniest person ever and has more balls than anyone else I know haha I love her when shes not pms-ing

Answer #2

yes I do. even though she’s annoing, I just remember that she’s my only sister and she can never be replaced by anyone else. if you think about it, she’ll end up helping you some day too.

Answer #3

yes I have an NNYOING sister. she’ll keep on bugging me, and then I’ll say “you just want me to hurt you. dont you??!!” and when she pushes it, I’ll go chasong after her, and push her to the bed and cover her face with a pillow, and tickle rrea;ly hard, but she’ll be laughing and crying. She knows she wants to be hurt…heh-heh

Answer #4

YES I DO!! shes like six seven years younger than me I still try not to choke her and keep my I try to keep the peace between us even though she ruins it everytime on purpose..

Answer #5

Yes I have an annoying sister. She does drugs and had four kids and had all of them taken away.

Answer #6

YES my sister is only one and she be doing all sorts of crap 2 annoy me, but I still luv her

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