How do I deal with an annoying brother and sister?

I have a hard time dealing with my brother and sister. they are soo annoying!

any help?

Answer #1

I think you just need to ignore them ! if they keep doing it then just tell your mum or .. embarass them in public!! like at a party. I think that would be funny!!! from lauren!!

Answer #2

Start annoying them… lols

Answer #3

my little brother just poped my tires on my bike I’ve ben ignoreing him sence my awesome dad just bought me a knew 1 and know hes so jealouse hes througing crap at me and stuff I just give up I dont know what to do will somebody help me I wish my parents will send him away to summer camp hes 9 and hes swearing behind my parents back and hes stuppid enough to record him self on it I wish he was never born

Answer #4

well seeing as they are my cousins hahah I wold have to say that yea they can be annoying buttt I still luv um but all I do is go in my room and stay there until avery and livy leave me alone lol

Answer #5

The best thing to do is just ignore them because if they see that they are bothering you more then they are going to keep doing it because that is what they want. So just ignore them and keep opon your bisness. Just lock in your room and also make sure that they know that you dont care at all so they can stop bothering you and they are going to give up.:) good luck!!

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