Should the Interstate speed be 55 again ?

Should the Interstate speed be 55mph again ?

Answer #1

I wouldn’t be against lowering the speed limit though 55 seems a tad low.

Lowering the speed limit also discourages long road trips and commutes.

Answer #2

No! The amount of oil saved would be insignificant.

The solution to the oil problem is finding more oil and finding alternatives to oil.

Answer #3

Why should it be 55?

Answer #4

Yes, id like to save gas :)

Answer #5

Everything we can do, even a little, helps… A recent study found that as a gas-saving device, 55 mph still works.

For every mile per hour faster than 55 mph, fuel economy drops by about 1 percent, said Jason Mark, clean vehicles program director for the Union of Concerned Scientists. The drop-off increases at a greater rate after 65 mph. The faster you go, the faster the fuel goes.

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