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Should KKK Rally's Be Allowed?

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I'm from a town where the KKK is still very strong and active. There's been a lot of uproar lately about their rally's. Some people think that they should be banned and not allowed to go on. What do you think?

Here's My Opinion:

Banning these rally's is taking away their rights and freedoms. We have the freedom of speach and the freedom to asemble. Their rally's do not physically hurt anyone or bring harm to anyone, they are just simply stating that they are there and looking for new comers. You dont have to agree with them, you can simply look the other way and move on with your life. What pisses me off, is the same group of people that are trying to outlaw the KKK rallies, are the people who are allowed to march with their "God hates Fag's" flags down the streets. Why should they be able to voice their opinions if they dont want the KKK to voice theirs.

What's your opinion on the whole thing. Should they have the same rights, or should they have theirs taken away because of the reason for the rally?