Should women be allowed to lie about their age in court?

I had seen a court show yesturday and the judge allowed one of the parties (a woman) to lie about her age

Answer #1

TBH, I nev understood anything behind that issue, I mean seriously women, WHY the flying fck should we be ashamed to just say: “Hey I am so & so & I am fckn Beautiful! Just my 2 cents! :P

Answer #2

No, I don’t think so. If the age is relevant to the case then she should be honest. If it isn’t relevant, it shouldn’t be asked.

Answer #3

Yeah its weird, when they r younger they say thr older and when they r older they want to say thr younger

Answer #4

no thats just stupid…

Answer #5

Not in my country. Anyone involved in a court process must tell the fact, no matter if she or he is only a witness.

Answer #6

it is human: we never want what we have…. lol

Answer #7

lmfao, I am not ashamed to say: “Hey I am turning 36 on Tuesday…” I still look 20+ I still get ID’d so I honestly dont care if people know my real age… Women are like fine wine, the older, the sweeter the better!:P Let’s here it for the girls…woo-hoo! :P

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Answer #9

I think the main reason that would have happened is because it’s on TV, therefore, they can choose whether or not to reveal personal information such as age, birthday, last name, phone number, etc…

I don’t believe it would happen in actual court without it being a TV show, but I’m not sure.

Answer #10

She had made the guy say his age and told the woman, because she is a woman she didn’t have to tell her real age

Answer #11

Absofnlutely! I agree…go aries go aries…go go go aries! :P

Answer #12

Maybe it was a joke… a lot of times women just don’t like to reveal their real age, but you never really hear about men not wanting to reveal their real age. They don’t care.

Answer #13

I dont think so. I think you should be proud of your age. The older you are the more wise. And people shouldnt care about your age. Most people go by how old you look anyways (which isnt very good either but its good for the people who were born with young faces)

Answer #14

Don’t base your ideals of court on those shows - they’re staged court cases. In actual court, the oath “I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth..” includes age.

Answer #15

no way

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